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  • To avoid congestion in the waiting room, please come to your appointment on time and alone if possible

  • Wear a mask 

  • Arrive on time 

  • Contact us  prior to your appointment if you are: unwell in any way or have any risk factors for covid

Contact us ASAP if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

1. Do you or any member of your household have COVID-19 or are you waiting for a COVID-19 PCR test result? (not a routine surveillance test result)

2. Are you required to self-isolate (including arrival from overseas)?

3. Do you have ANY of the following symptoms now, or in the last 14 days?

• Fever, acute cough or shortness of breath

• Muscle aches, loss of smell, sore throat

• Generally feeling unwell with no other likely diagnosis

4. Do you have any other reason to think that you are at risk of having COVID-19?

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