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CEREC - Same day dentistry

What is Cerec?

Cerec combines state-of-the-art digital technology with a cutting-edge in-house milling machine. CEREC allows us to scan, craft and fit your dental restoration all on the same day.

How does CEREC work?

If you need a crown, onlay, inlay or veneer (restorations), your dentist can use CEREC 3D software to design it – this information is then sent to the milling machine, which accurately creates your restoration from porcelain. Your restoration can then be secured in place.

* Please note, certain situations still require a lab-made restoration. Please discuss this with your dentist

What are the advantages of CEREC?

CEREC technology dramatically speeds up a traditionally lengthy process by bringing all the different elements in-house and reducing your treatment time to a single appointment. For the patient, that means fewer injections, no messy dental impressions, no temperamental temporary fittings – and less time out of your hectic schedule.

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