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Clear Aligners 

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted


Feeling confident in your smile is important for your overall happiness and self-esteem. We are here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in a way that works for you.


Did you know that straightening your teeth has benefits beyond cosmetic improvement? Misaligned or crowded teeth can make maintaining hygiene difficult, which may lead to oral health problems. Crooked teeth and bite problems can sometimes lead to:

Tooth damage and chipping

Tooth loss

Wearing away of tooth enamel

Difficulty speaking or chewing


In addition to giving you the beautiful smile that you deserve, straightening your teeth may reduce the risk of cavities and help prevent gum disease.


Ready to love your smile?



Your Journey to a Confident Smile Starts with SureSmile® Clear Aligners


Clear aligner technology has made orthodontic treatment more discreet, while moving teeth to create a healthy, beautiful smile. Unlike traditional metal braces which rely on brackets and wires, SureSmile® straightens teeth through a series of clear, comfortable, removable aligners. You can expect to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day and change them every two weeks as you progress through treatment. Each set of aligners will put gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually reposition them until your smile reaches ideal alignment.

Is SureSmile® right for me?


SureSmile® Clear Aligners can effectively treat bite problems, including:


Gaps between teeth

Underbite – when all the upper teeth sit behind the lower jaw

Overbite – when the upper front teeth cover part of the lower front teeth

Crossbite – when one or more upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth

How long will treatment take with SureSmile® Clear Aligners?


Treatment time will vary based on your unique smile and goals but generally lasts anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

Can I eat and drink while wearing my SureSmile® Clear Aligners?


Great news – you don’t need to give up your favourite foods during treatment! However, you do need to remove your aligners when eating and drinking all liquids except for cool water to retain their fit and prevent discoloration. Simply remove your aligners to eat and drink all the foods and beverages you typically enjoy, then brush your teeth before putting your SureSmile® Clear Aligners back in place.

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